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If you want a simple, easy to run Internet business that delivers consistent, dependable income, but have found it tough to get things moving in the right direction, then you are definitely in the right place!

You might not like everything you see on this page (sometimes the truth hurts), but we guarantee when you've finished reading, you'll know what it takes to succeed the right way (and the only real way).

Considering we've sold over $10 Million Dollars worth of products, memberships and services online you might be surprised to hear us say that... 

...  And surely if everyone's buying the latest, greatest marketing tactics & strategies and all those awesome '1 click to riches' software tools, they should all be millionaires by now, right?

Just think about it like this:  Most marketers aren't lazy or stupid people - Heck to set up any kind of business takes a level of desire and passion that most 'average' people lack. 

So if these motivated and enthusiastic folks set out to achieve the "internet marketing dream" (you know the lifestyle of freedom, passive income and long days at the beach), why is reality so different?

Why aren't you rolling around on a bed covered in hundred dollar bills yet?


You see, most online marketers are totally confused about what they should be doing...  They are lied to and tricked into spending way too much time (and hard earned money) on B.S. 'systems' that simply don't work. 

The result of which is that they make nothing
and end up completely overwhelmed!

80% or more of the 'How To' type marketing courses we look at online are either regurgitated old material, ill conceived fluff or just badly implemented! 

And worse, many of those 'wannabe gurus' selling them don't give a damn if what they're 'teaching' works for you or not!

They've taken your money, now you're just a new email on a list they'll spam more crap too...

Saying that publicly makes us few friends in the "Guru" circles but we don't care!


We got sick and tired of seeing good people, desperate to achieve success being sold garbage and untested 'strategies' by conmen and fake, 'Wannabe-Gurus' interested only in making a quick buck!

If any of this sounds familiar to you - If you've bought into too many empty promises, if you feel frustrated, if you feel like you're spinning your wheels and are unhappy with your current results, you are not alone!

But don't despair, the good news is that you can turn things round, you can make lots of money online, but you have to do things differently...

The Truth Will Set You Free...  Here's the real secret to making a LOT of money online:

Trying to grab traffic by tricking Google with some $37 outsourced software doesn't work, jumping on the latest 'make money fast' bandwagon launch might make you a few bucks but it won't last...

None of those things are sustainable.

Ask anyone who's been working online (and making a decent living) for more than a year and they'll tell you:

The only real way to succeed online is to focus on building a scalable, evergreen
business that has real structure and value!


If that sounds complicated, don't worry, because it's not.  In fact for most people, once they discover the real success secrets it feels like a breath of fresh air compared to all the 'wrong' work they've been doing.

Anyone can do it -  And the cool thing is that the best way to achieve success in the fastest time possible is to simply model a proven business system that has worked since way before the Internet was even thought of.  A system that is working right now and is guaranteed to still work long after you decide to pull anchor and sail off into the sunset aboard your luxury yacht.

The trouble is that until now no one has been showing people how to do this PROPERLY!

..  So we got off our asses and did something about it!

We spent a year putting together the only training system you will ever need that will take you from 'newbie' or even experienced marketer who's just not quite hitting the right mark, to super (and we mean freakin SUPER) successful online business owner with the entire world at your fingertips.

Introducing the...

Faster Smarter Better is video based training where you get to watch over our shoulders and copy our methods and strategies - These proven methods work and we guarantee they'll take you step-by-step to the kind of results you've always wanted -

Faster Smarter Better includes EVERYTHING you need - You get our complete system:

  • Find out exactly what kind of business models work and how to set them up fast!

  • Discover the real, zero BS way to get all the free traffic you'll ever need!

  • How to create amazing evergreen products that are guaranteed to sell

  • The secret way to attract affiliates and JV partners that will explode your income.

  • How to put your business on autopilot and make more by actually working less.

  • The easiest way to scale your business up to any income level that you desire.

It's a complete, 'soup to nuts', course and there's nothing left out or left to chance...

Module 1 We'll start off by planning for success. This is really the cornerstone of the entire system. First we'll go over the complete 'process overview' that will give you a genuine understanding of how to create a six figure+ business from scratch.

Next you'll see your "Roadmap To Freedom". This is the big-picture plan that will be the driving mechanism for your business and a real path to financial freedom. From this exciting information we're going to build your personal freedom plan together and actually break down the kind of income you need to make to live the lifestyle of your dreams.  This is genuinely life-changing advice that has helped hundreds of people achieve their incredible goals.

By the time you have competed this module you will be totally fired up and raring to get started!

Module 2 We'll continue with laying the foundation but we'll also move into the faster, smarter better way to do things like set up your hosting and domains, advanced and beginner site development, email management systems and even tracking systems to ensure that you're maximizing your profits for the least amount of effort!

If you only ever watch this one module it will half your current workload we guarantee it!

Module 3 we'll get up close and personal with profitable product development. You'll discover how to build the perfect niche for you to build your business in.  (And you won't have to compete with thousands of others once you know these powerful strategies)

We'll reveal to you not only what to sell by also what not to sell. You'll also learn the secrets to rapid product creation. And how to have products created faster than you ever thought imaginable.

Plus we also cover why building your own successful brand is more important than anything else.  (knowing this will protect you from the big changes coming soon to our industry)

Module 4 reveals the secrets to targeted list building. You'll actually be priming the pump for profits. First you'll learn how to build a list magnet that attracts subscribers like crazy. Then we'll show you how to take those subscribers and monetize them, actually turn them into paying customers faster than ever before.

Everything's covered from managing your lists the best way through to proven ways to squeeze the maximum amount of profits out of it in the shortest amount of time.

The list marketing tactics that you'll discover inside this module will help you squash your competitors flat and literally give you command of any niche you want to target.

Module 5 We go over free traffic tactics. First you'll learn how to completely dominate the search engines and get your business positioned where your customers will find you above your competitors.

We also reveal our automated traffic process that makes SEO campaigns as simple as ABC, (this is the faster, smarter, better way to optimize your site to get it ranked in the search engines that we haven't taught anyone until now).

Finally you'll discover how to build a rapid traffic conversion funnel that scoops up fresh visitors and coverts them into hot prospects and those prospects into paying customers all in one go - No need for endless follow-up sequences, they'll become buyers instantly!

Module 6 We'll reveal how to build profitable partnerships. This is all about "bagging the elephants"...the level of partner that can make or break and explode your business income literally overnight! 

We'll show you our favourite tricks to get industry leaders keen to do business with you.

You will also be privy to our partnership logistics strategies...  How to line up a partnership, what other business owners will expect from you, what you need to do before you even attempt to bring someone onboard to promote your products and services.

Finally you'll discover how to bring in affiliate partners, tens, hundreds even thousands of marketers that are ready and able to take action and help grow your business. 

Module 7 This is where we start to ramp things up and accelerate your business growth so buckle your seatbelt.  We cover our advanced media buying strategies.

This is paid traffic done right...  Inside we explain what you really need to know before you can maximize your income (finally you can open the floodgates to all the traffic that you'll ever need and you can turn it on and off at will)

We show you how you can work from your kitchen table yet still advertise like the big boys, running massively successful advertising campaign at just a fraction of the cost.

Module 8  You now get to see behind the scenes like never before...  We show you (with nothing held back) our best profit pulling strategies. 

These includes everything from how to launch a new product, how to build a rampant army of affiliates that will fight each other to promote your offers.

You'll see how we build huge profit funnels, create instant residual income machines that pour cash into our accounts money month after month

Plus we will show you our bullet-proof conversion strategy that can triple and even quadruple your current conversion rate.  (Note:  This is so sneaky  former students have actually asked us to remove it from the course because they don't want anyone else to see it)

Module 9 We'll cover our all of our personal outsourcing strategies. This is how you can apply simple leverage techniques to generate massive profits.

We also reveal how to use systematic automation processes (sounds complicated but it's not) that will make your overall business run smoother and easier.

These powerful techniques will help you attract real superstars into your business and to push it to new, profitable heights.  (We also cover the stuff that you should outsource and the stuff that you must never let anyone else touch)

Way too many marketers get this wrong with disastrous results, so make sure you watch this module before you even think about outsourcing.

Module 10 Now it's time to turn a five figure business into a six or seven figure business! 

In module ten we talk about exit strategies and it's where things get really interesting...

...  Discover how to "cash out" big with your business and how to multiply your revenue many times over. You're going to see how to build a high value asset that can make you so much money in one hit that it could easily pay for the rest of your life spent living in wealthy retirement!

If you want to walk away from your business and never worry about money again then we show you how - We guarantee you won't find this kind of information anywhere else!

Module 11   Next we cover how to succeed with high level outsourcing.

By this point your business is moving past the six figure mark and it's time to expand (if you want to) by taking a 'back seat'  - We show you how to build a rock solid team.  (you put this in place and leave the day to day stuff for someone else to do!)  

If you want to know the true secrets to rapid business expansion and the best practices to do it with cast iron confidence then everything you need to know is here.

Module 12 In our final training module we show you how to scale up to the next level. 

This is all about taking what we've shown you throughout the course and compounding your success.  You'll  get to leverage your new systems, networks and resources and investments to make potentially tens of thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.

In our 10 years working together (and our combined 24 years of working in online marketing), we've released 100's of products, generated hundreds of thousands of sales and seen millions of people visit the websites we've built.

We've also experienced massively successful Million Dollar launches, built entire networks of sites, won too many affiliate competitions to count, created dozens of membership sites, built 4 successful companies from the ground up, established dozens of popular web brands and banked a LOT of money!

Most of all it's always been fun, it's always been rewarding and we wouldn't want to do anything else!

Our goal here is to pass on the things we've discovered along the way and share that success...

This is the course that will really teach you how to copy what we've done and build a real, long term business you can be proud of.  A business that can literally change your life, secure the future of your loved ones and make every day a fun day to be online -

And probably the most shocking news is that it's NOT going to cost you thousands for the privilege.

As you may have spotted we currently provide this training it regularly costs $97 which is already very affordable compared to those big ticket $1,000 plus courses you'll find online.

But today we want to give you full access for less - Our way of saying 'Thank You' for your continued support and for being one of our appreciated, online family.

We know some folks will pass this offer:  You see just watching the videos isn't enough, for our training to work you have to watch and apply what we teach.  It's work, it takes effort and you need determination. 

And that's fine with us, because while the 'sheeple', the suckers and the day dreamers will ignore this and choose to continue spinning around in circles, buying more scams and lame software designed to game Google, you'll be moving forward with us and with a real plan of action to build a business that works!

We're at the point where you need to make a decision - If you genuinely want to build and grow a successful online business then Faster Smarter Better is the course you need and yes, right now is the time to get started!

Click The Buy Button For Instant Access

Faster Smarter Better Success Course


We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Mediakettle Ltd.

P.S. If you are still reading then you may be wondering if this is right for you?  You may not even believe you stand a chance to make money online or build a successful web business?

But we think you can... And experience tells us if you've read this page in full, then you're serious and prepared to take action to become successful.  Remember just giving Faster Smarter Better a try today carries no risk.  You are protected by our 60 day money back guarantee

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

You decide.

Faster Smarter Better Success Course

Faster Smarter Better


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